Our staff

Virginia Commonwealth University Respiratory Care Services is a diverse, active and collaborative organization of respiratory therapy professionals that draw their strength from a quality-focused patient care approach. We strive to deliver compassionate patient care while promoting education and research at the VCU Medical Center. We pride ourselves in offering the best services available, regardless of patients’ ability to pay.

Our staff of dedicated respiratory care practitioners specializes in the latest treatments for complex respiratory disorders. Therapists are given the opportunity to work with patients while employing the most advanced training from classroom experiences. Staff members often contribute to procedure development and the equipment selection process through feedback sessions with management.

On a daily basis, the staff at VCU Respiratory Care Services provides the most basic and complex forms of mechanical ventilation, including high-frequency and inverse-ratio modes, and all forms of noninvasive ventilation and ventilation with mixed gases, such as HeliOx and nitric oxide. We employ various protocols for ventilator weaning, care of spinal cord-injured patients and oxygen therapy and secretion management.

VCU Respiratory Care Services has a select team of ECMO specialists available to serve infant and adult patients, both internally and on a referral basis. All routine therapies, including medication nebulizer, breathing exercises, postural drainage and percussion and neuromuscular assessments, are offered, in addition to a number of other bedside procedures.

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